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Ceremony (re-) Connecting to the Energy of Mother Earth

  • Connection to the Energy of Mother Earth

  • We all share a bond with Mother Earth, an intricate network of life and energy that sustains us. The Kogi people, indigenous to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region in Colombia, have nurtured this connection through centuries of tradition, spirituality, and respect for nature. We, at our sanctuary, strive to share this profound connection with people all over the world, including you.

  • The Role of a Mamo

  • The Mamos, spiritual leaders among the Kogi, are conduits for this connection. They channel the energy of Mother Earth, establishing a direct link to this life-giving force. Mamo Jose, our esteemed botanical doctor, is instrumental in this process. His deep knowledge and spiritual wisdom allow him to guide each participant, whether in-person or online, on a transformative journey of healing and connection.

  • Healing and Liberation

  • Mamo Jose understands that our inherent connection to family and ancestral energy lines may not always be beneficial. Burdens and negative energies from unresolved issues within our ancestral lineage can carry forward, affecting our well-being. To counteract this, Mamo Jose disconnects individuals from their family energy line, freeing them from these influences. He then connects them directly to the pure source of natural energy flowing from the heart of Mother Earth, providing an undisturbed and liberating flow of energy.

  • Reconnect With The Earth
    Santa Marta Valley
  • Experiencing the Energy of Mother Earth

  • The heart of Mother Earth, according to Kogi wisdom, lies in the sacred lands of Santa Clara in Sierra Nevada, within the heart of Kogi Land. However, her energy transcends physical boundaries. As such, Mamo Jose is able to guide participants towards this untainted source of energy, regardless of their location. Through our online sessions, participants from all corners of the world can experience a heightened sense of harmony, well-being, and self-realization.

  • The Kogi's Way of Life

  • The Kogi live in harmony with Mother Earth, enriching their spirituality, sustainability, ecological wisdom, emotional and mental well-being, collective unity, and rituals. They connect with the Earth's energy through meditation, environmental awareness, rituals and offerings, ancestral wisdom, and sustainable living practices. Their way of life is a testament to the profound benefits of living in direct connection with the energy of Mother Earth.

  • Access from Anywhere in the World

  • We've embraced the use of technology to share the Kogi's wisdom and practices globally. Through our online sessions, Mamo Jose and other skilled practitioners can guide you through the same rituals and meditative practices that have been passed down through generations of the Kogi people. Despite the physical distance, you can experience the same heightened sense of harmony and well-being as you would in the sacred lands of Santa Clara, Sierra Nevada.

  • Access the Kogi's Wisdom from Anywhere in the World

  • In a connection session, Mamo Jose uses rituals and prayers to disconnect the individual from their ancestral energy line, which might carry negative influences from past generations. After severing this link, he establishes a direct and pure connection between the individual and the energy source of Mother Earth. This process results in an undisturbed and liberating energy flow, fostering harmony, well-being, and self-realization in the individual. This powerful connection can be experienced in person or via our online sessions, no matter where in the world you are.

    We invite you to join us, no matter where you are in the world, to tap into this profound spiritual resource and enrich your connection with the natural world. Experience the transformative power of the Kogi's wisdom and Mother Earth's energy from the comfort of your own home.


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