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Thank you for considering supporting us!
There are many ways how you can support our Mission.


Nature is the ultimate healer, enriched by millennia of experience and Kogi wisdom.


We provide individual healing, coaching, and small-group retreats at our sanctuary. You're assured our full attention.


We're always close by. Our community offers round-the-clock support.

Why Donate To The Kogi Spirt Community?

By Founder Kogi Spirit Mamo Jose Manuel

Support the Kogi Spirit Community, embodying the mantra 'Heal One, Heal the Community, Heal the Planet'.
With your donation, you aid our mission to spread the Kogis' ancient wisdom, promoting healing and balance in individuals and communities, thereby fostering a healthier planet.

Become part of the solution today, supporting initiatives that propagate mindfulness, sustainability, and harmony.

The power to enact real change, nurturing a more balanced world for current and future generations, begins with your contribution.

Jose Manuel

Jose Manuel
Kogi Mamo Jose Manuel

What Will You Support

We Will Honor Your Wish What Project You Want To Support When You Make A Generous Contribution

  • Bringing Our Message Out To The World

  • Our project focuses on restoring humanity's connection with Earth. This unique approach has significant impact and deserves broad attention. We believe this can inspire sustainable actions for our planet's health.

  • Expanding Our Online Community

  • Cultivating and enriching an online community demands considerable effort. We aim to broaden our suite of programs, workshops, and training resources, providing robust support for individuals on their journey towards healing.

  • Support Kogi Spirit Healing Fund

  • Nobody desires illness—it disrupts lives, drains energy and finances. Treatment can be costly and not everyone can afford it. For serious cases, the Kogi Mamo can decide to support the healing journey financially through the Kogi Spirit Healing fund. We're thankful to our generous sponsors who enable us to assist more people in regaining health.

  • Re-building The Kogi Spirit Health Sanctuary

  • Our sanctuary, while minimalist and distant from modern luxury, must accommodate our often seriously ill guests. This necessitates investments in huts, facilities, and equipment.

  • Conserving Kogi Sacred Places

  • As guests of the Kogi Indigenous people, we strive to respect and conserve their sacred spaces. We clean, maintain, and plant new trees, contributing to the preservation of the Heart of the World for future generations.

    Sound Healing

    How Can You Support Us?

    There are numerous ways to support our healing mission.


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